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Injured waqf whistle blower sent to jail in semi unconscious state, people raise questions on Bihar’s Sushasan

Bihar’s ruling RJD-JDU alliance government in Bihar has got tougher towards whistleblower Maulana Syed Kazim Shabib and he has been sent to jail on Tuesday, despite his unstable health condition.

This action came three days after the cleric and protesters were brutally lathi-charged by Bihar police while they were protesting against corruption and illegal sales of waqf properties in Bihar.

Today, the CJM court sent the anti corruption activist Syed Kazim to jail despite his lawyers claimed that his health condition is not in good state and he needs proper medical treatment.

“The cleric’s health is not stable and the same was said before the court but they talked of procedures of sending the detained person to jail. The government should see what has happened with the person who stood up against corruption and waqf mafias,” a local told Whatthebeep.in over the phone.

However, there were unconfirmed reports that CJM has agreed for medical examination of the cleric in Jail and if required he would be admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

In the meantime, cashing out the sentiments of the community against the ruling parties, the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) leaders of Bihar are extending their support to the whistleblower cleric.

Another local said, “Even after the barbaric lathi charge, none of the leaders from JNU or RJD came to see the cleric or others injured in the incident. Only few BJP leaders came and assured to raise the issue before government.”

Talking to the media Whistle blower cleric’s lawyer Ejazi said, “This a s barbaric act of the police that Syed Kazim Shabib was discharged from the hospital and was presented before court for sending him to jail. His health condition is not good, his hand is fractured, head injury and all over the body there are marks of being beaten in lathi-chagre. As of now we have not got the copy of court order but the judge has assured that jail superintendent would be asked for giving him proper medical facilities.”

Despite being in semi unconscious state because of getting thrashed by the police, the Medical Superintendent of SK Medical College, Muzaffarpur gave the permission to the police to take Maulana Syed Mohammad Kazim Shabib to jail. He was being taken to the CJM court from where he was sent to the jail by Muzaffarpur’s chief judicial magistrate.

Bihar police’s action against the cleric has invited sharp criticism on social media by common people. One Facebook user wrote, “How can a badly injured person be sent to jail when he needs medical attention first. It is a barbaric act by Bihar police and state government.”


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