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Iraqi woman kills ISIS chief who forced her into sex slavery

A brutal-brave incident has come to light, where an Iraqi woman has gunned down the ISIS terror chief, who held her captive as a sex slave.

According to an Iraqi satellite television network Alsumaria News, the woman belonging to Yazidi minority, killed the senior II commander, who has been identified as Abu Anas.

The confirmation about the killing was given by Saeed Mamouzini, the Kurdish Democratic Party spokesperson. Mamouzini added that the militant was killed near Mosul in Iraq on Saturday.

“He had forced the woman into sex slavery and later gifted her to his evil followers,” Mamouzini added.

The Yazidis, being a minority are often terrorised by the ISIS. According to figures available with the Yazidi community, last year more than 5000 Yazidis were abducted, and still, more than 3000 are in the custody of them.

The ISIS fighters have misinterpreted that the rape is part of religious belief. The fighters have abducted and forced thousands of children into sexual slavery.

In an interview with the New York Times, the 12-year-old girl, who escaped, from the grip of the ISIS group, pointed out at their inhuman act, which they were about to commit was not considered as a crime, as she was not a Muslim.

According to the girl, the commander claimed that her faith gave him the right to rape her.

The commander prayed, while she was tied beside the bed. The girl, who was interviewed in the refugee camp said, “I kept telling him it hurts, please stop.”

“The commander replied that according to Islam it is permissible to rape an unbeliever. He claimed that he will get closer to God, by raping me,” she added.

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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