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Is Arnab’s Republic another tragedy like NEWSHOUR? The nation wants to know, AGAIN

The biggest news to hit the screen of our TV screens and create ripples down our living room carpets, was the decision of one of the most enigmatic personality of news world, over whom the general views remain divided to the core, to resign. From the altar Arnab Goswami stepped down and it had been nothing less than sensational. The network he put in a lot of sweat and power to establish, lost one of its most important cork screw and as the reasons of the mishap became clearer, out came the fact that there is absolutely nothing about this news hero that can be any less attention Worthy and thought provoking. Republic, a word, a reason for a lot of contention among the intellectuals of its true meaning, a state of accountability and it is this that Arnab Goswami seeks to achieve too, in his own rite… By creating a REPUBLIC.

Yes, there, you heard that all right, our very own and very favorite anchor for as long as English news has been recommended by teachers, to improve pronunciation and nuisances of the quirky little language and to get a firmer grip on the happenings  around the globe, has decided to break through the network of bogus broadcasts and give us a taste of good old adventurous reality of true journalism and that is about his resignation, his inability to live down the degraded, influenced state of journalism, his word not mine, they do make me think a lot though.

Now, if you are as recent on the sweet bosom of this earth as me, we both must be perplexed a bit about “true” , “unafraid” and “adventurous” journalism he seeks to revive, but recent as me or not, one thing we might both be able to agree upon would have to be the funny state of journalism today, where funny has nothing to with laughter and though it is a world phenomenon, for the purpose of current series of my thoughts (since I tend to get lost easily sometimes) let’s focus on India.

As the major news watching audience we all are aware of the downfalls of the respected profession of journalism over the years. Where, from being a profession equated with risqué and stubborn determination, uncovering truths and ensuring a state of unbiased information to an array of channels, all clamoring to get to the first spot of highest TRP series. The marked daring of venturing into extremes to uncover the truth has been now limited to visiting haunted places for ghost busting and the gruesome depictions of true crimes into a window to a new found sensationalism. All that the news industry as it has become, today hinges on drama. It shows the news people want to see, in a certain political climate all other kind of crimes lose their relevance and on the face of it you can see a dark, sticky game of influence, power and money into a supposed to be independent area of public reach.

This is what Arnab Goswami’s “republic” promise to offer, the golden yore of this profession, the lost edge and the flaring passion to show only the truth and no fabrication, get away from drama once more and back to the smirk of daring, it used to be. But we should not forget that Arnab himself has come out of that very mess is one argument and I cannot agree to it more, and yet well, in this time of utter despair in the accountability and authority of the ever springing news channels where before you can count all of them, one new can emerge, if anybody can be seen as a silver lining to this growing shadow it might as well be Arnab. Besides, there are still journalists dedicated to the service of unadulterated truth and nothing else and the best that we can hope for is all this comes together to give the nation something it badly needs. Truth! So true and pricking that even this busy nation would want to know again.

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