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Is Central Government really serious about Ganga Jal Scheme?

Central Government’s far cheaper Gangotri and Rishikesh’s Ganga Jal plan has exposed the seriousness in just 15 days. The demand for Ganga Jal at post offices are increasing but the government has failed to ensure its availability there.

On July 10, Minister of Telecommunication Manoj Sinha and the Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad started the scheme to sell out pious Ganga Jal from the post offices for the devotees. But the seriousness could be easily assessed at main post office in Patna where only six bottle of Rishikesh’s water is left as a result people are going home disappointed in the month of shravan.

Office In-charge for scheme at Patna Post office SK Srivastava said when the scheme was introduced, 2046 bottle of Rishikesh’s Ganga Jal and Gangotri’s 1500 water bottles were provided and the sale was beyond the expectations Due to bad weather conditions in Uttrakhand the shipment of water bottles has delayed.

However, officials believe that no month would have been better than the month of Sawan for the start of this scheme, because tradition to worship and especially pouring Ganga Jal on ShivaLing is there. Still the government is not serious for restoring the normal supply.

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