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Is Indo – US Military Agreement – an Illusionary Alliance?

The latest military agreement between India and America – did you know about it?

Did you know that India has signed an alliance with US for regional military cooperation for a miserable price endorsing America’s wars on the sovereign Nations of the world?

Did you know that the discussions which were being pushed by America for nearly a decade, went rapid fire under Modi’s Government, and were finalized by the Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar during his recent trip to Washington, D.C.?

Of course we common people won’t know the exact details of the agreement as they won’t even be publicized, except few tossy words which come as a joint Indo-Us statement after the shackles were put on India’s neck, stating, “increased strategic and regional cooperation, to deepened military-to-military exchanges, to expanded collaboration on defense technology and innovation.” [1]

Now that requires a standing ovation – simply “Wow”, as blind supporters crying development for 2 years now will get the “$” sign in their eyes and will see the Indian Army walking side by side the Hollywood-styled American Marine. That’s the worst state of the common man when he knows nothing of the dangerous path the government is leading his country into.

India is nearly the world’s second largest weapon’s importer and 2nd largest buyer of weapons from the US, as if Indians don’t know how to make their own damn weapons!

America has signed this agreement with India on “increased strategic and regional cooperation”, does not mean that America will stop supplying weapons to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, or stop supplying weapons to ISIS, or stop training Alqaeda, or stop sharing intelligence with terrorists in the Afghan-Pak region. Allowing US to use Indian air and naval ports as bases means a direct endorsement of American wars in the region.

Washington has signed more than 100 such agreements with “Partner Nations” [1], which means that all what Washington is interested in is nothing other than Nations buying more of their military hardware, “sustained wars” throughout the world, transform the civilizations of the natives, looting their cultural and natural resources at the price of helping set up the Western Civilization subdued by Capitalist domination of the occupied nation. When an entity like America signs 100s of Military agreements with Nations, and is the biggest supplier of Weapons in the world, what do you expect, flowers and ribbons to fall on your country or your region?

Washington sees New Delhi nothing more than a Launchpad to neutralize the polarity in the Asia-Pacific region, while India gains nothing more than a hollow sense of partnership with a strong ally, which has past records of betrayal and casting off its so-called partners.

If India thinks that allying militarily with US will save itself against the odds of China and Pakistan in any future conflict, that is the worst of decisions ever, as history is witness to what America has done in the wars in the Middle East – today a friend, becomes a Tyrant tomorrow. Wherever America has interfered in any war, those who shook hands with America have suffered with humiliation.

Saddam Hussein shook hands with Donald Rumsfeld as America supported Saddam in the 8-year Iran-Iraq war with all Military hardware and political support. In 1991-1992 Iraq-Kuwait war, America pointed the barrel at Saddam and pushed him back, and in 2003, uprooted him. This is merely an example to shed light on the fact that when you shake hands with America, you must count your fingers later.

India must rather strive to develop a self-sustained economy, a self-sustained indigenous military complex, a nation reliant on its own capabilities rather than hanging on the shoulders of so-called superpowers, a nation building good relationships with neighbors rather than allying with Imperialist powers to further divide and sow discord in the region and invite wars and chaos.

Wherever Imperialist powers have entered, they have done nothing less than divide the people into smaller and smaller fragments fighting each other for decades.

[1] India and U.S. deepen defense ties with landmark agreement


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