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Is the iconic Tundey Kebabi going to shut their outlets?

Recently there was news on the streets that after swearing in ceremony CM Adityanath has asked authorities to close slaughter-houses (illegal ones).

But it become anathema to those who were directly or indirectly related to supplies of illegal one’s. Shutting up of shops in the streets or hawkers with their pullkart vanishing with biryani because all of a sudden there is a shortage of buffalo meat in the market due to the closing of slaughter-houses.

One problem and the vital one is, there are people who have lined up for fresh licenses or to renew older ones. We all know how bureaucracy works, there is an additional pressure from the government to close the business in cities and take it to the outskirts, which is for sure going to take some time. Supply would solely come into the hands of meat shops into the city, which will definitely raise prices. So, the cheap protein of poor is going to get costlier.

Suddenly, it hit me what about those multi-money makers like ‘Tundey kebab’s’ going to do now. No, they are not going to abandon their business. They don’t only rely on buffalo meat, there kebabs are of two types, mutton and buffalo. So, chill folks. Your supply of kebabs are not going to be vanished. It may get costly.

Yesterday I visited ‘Tundey and asked one of their workers, are their bosses going to stop making buffalo kebabs?

His reply was that the supply will come from the legal means from now on (disclaimer nobody actually knows while buying that if they are buying legal meat or illegal one, funny but it happens in India) so this will definitely increase the fixed cost plus operation cost at the same time. There is definitely uncertainty on supplying of meat, functioning will get smooth, it may get better in a month or two.

So, buffalo kebabs lovers be ready to spend more on your lusts.

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