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Israeli made Indian Air Force UAV crashes near Jaisalmer

An Israeli made Unmanned Aerial Vehicle belonging to the Indian Air Force crashed on Friday near Jaisalmer, Defence spokesperson Manish Ojha said today.

The incident took place 5km from Jaisalmer city in Bada Baugh area, while the UAV was on routine operation. A court of inquiry has been set up to investigate the incident.

However this is not a new occurrence, as the Israeli Heron UAV has crashed earlier in November 2014 on the outskirts of a village near Bhuj town in Gujarat’s Kutch district, in January 2015 in Koda village, about 30 km north west of Barmer district, and in July 2015 in Jaisalmer. As suspected causes of failures have been engine failure, it is highly concerning as defence equipments from Israel are not expected to be of such quality.

It is of great importance that inquiries just don’t conclude saying “engine failure” while our very defence systems are compromised. Repeated failures of UAVs especially in the media sends wrong signals about our Nation’s security. Is it not time now that India makes it’s own machinery in the country, and achieve self sufficiency in the defence sectors?