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It’s not normal when the Nation needs medals to give justice to girl child

The cries of a new-born baby girl vis-à-vis the cries of 125 crore joyful Indians cheering for three girls in 2016 Rio-Olympics, demands that we question many aspects of how we react to the birth of girl child in our family. The upbringing of girls, her educational and career outlook as well as her participation in social and cultural activities as compared to those of boys.

It’s not but sheer hypocrisy that we hate for ourselves what we love for others, or vice versa when it comes to realizing the rights and freedom of girls in the shadow of flawed religious perceptions, wrong traditional practices, and an utterly evil sense of superiority complex over women. It feels very righteous to write these lines, or give such equality speeches, or click selfies with daughters, or unfurl the flag in support of women, as long as it is in words and on paper. However, when it comes to implementing the same principles of giving a just opportunity to our own daughters and sisters in the house, almost a big majority of the so-called civilized city-people, as well as a considerable portion of the upper and upper-middle class self proclaimed “modern” people turn out to be hypocrites and suppress the ambitions and dreams of their daughters, sisters and wife. As for those who are today rebuking their daughters and sisters for being “incapable”, “unqualified”, and far behind to have achieved what the likes of Dipa Karmakar, Sakshi Malik and PV Sindhu have achieved in gymnastics, wrestling and badminton respectively, are perhaps the worst of the kind.

Do we really need girls to bag medals at the Olympics to make us realize such basic principles of humanity? Is it not time that we understand that there are all ways by means of which those unjust walls may be broken which restrict our women from participating in the efforts for building the ideal family, the ideal society, and the ideal human civilization, by assuming a role which if not identical to the role of man, but certainly not lesser in importance to that of man. It’s not just about her freedom to participate in Olympics or Sports, pursue her Career Ambitions, obtain the highest levels of Educational Excellence, but also about having high regards, respect and realization of her weighty role in the nurturing of Men, and build this society.

It needs self correction, realization, and implementing this in our own family first, before commenting on the freedom and exploitation of girls in our society.