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Justice Katju uncovers Godhra Incident, says it was False Flag by Right Wing Hindu Extremists

Justice Markandey Katju has claimed through a Facebook post regarding the Godhra Train burning incident, which occurred on 27 February 2002, in which 59 people died in a fire inside the Sabarmati Express train near a railway station in Gujarat, that it was a false-flag operation by a Right Wing Hindu Organization. Justice Katju claimed that the Godhra incident was planned in a precursory way to kill Hindus and find a reason to ignite communal riots in Gujarat.

He posted, ‘The Godhra incident
Over 2000 Muslims were massacred in Gujarat in 2002, including the former M.P. Jafri.
It is said by some that this was only a reaction to the killings of 54 Hindus ( Rambhaktas ) by some Muslims in Godhra. It is said that the attacks on Muslims was only a ‘spontaneous’ reaction by Hindus.
I am afraid this ‘spontaneous’ reaction theory does not appeal to me.
It was said by the Nazis that ‘ Kristallnacht ‘ against the Jews in Germany in November 1938 was only a ‘ spontaneous ‘ reaction to the killing of a German diplomat in Paris, when everyone knows it was organized by Goering, Himmler and Heydrich.
My own belief is that it was some right wing Hindu organization which organized the killings of some Hindus in Godhra so as to put the blame on Muslims.
I am reminded of the Gleiwitz incident

In another post continuing on his Godhra story, Mr. Katju went on to shed further Light on the “evidence” which his critics demanded, saying that “Circumstantial Evidence” is sufficient to prove convictions of criminal cases.¬†Katju added saying,¬†“In cases of Circumstantial Evidence, motive is very important, as every criminal lawyer knows. So we have to ask the question : who would benefit by the killing of the 54 Hindu ‘Rambhakts’ ? It is obviously those who made it a pretext for attacks on Muslims, and communalizing the state of Gujarat.”

Some months back, one of the Patidar leaders also claimed that Godhra train burning was a pre-planned political stunt by the BJP to win the state election later that year.