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Katiyar’s remark, a slip of tongue or a deliberate attempt

“Politics is a dirty game” and in this game very few player remain untouched by any criticism. Now any news regarding controversial remarks or actions doesn’t bother me. It seems a part of my routine. In order to stay in their position politicians leave no stone unturned.


Times now asked BJP leader Vinay Katiyar if he thought campaigning by Priyanka Gandhi-Star Campaigner – would be an advantage for congress party. To this Katiyar said there are more beautiful campaigners than Priyanka. She is not a star campaigner. Priyanka laughed off at Katiyar’s remarks and said it shows the mindset of BJP towards women. However Priyanka’s husband Robert Vadra was shocked at such comments and took to Facebook. He demanded an apology from Katiyar’s for his misogynist remark and said that one should respect women.


It is not the first time when any leader suffered from the problem of “Slip of tongue”.  From Mulayam Singh to Sakshi Maharaj, every leader has once in their tenure gave a shock to the public with their remarks.


We consider these remarks and issues frivolous and thus most of the time turn a deaf ear to them but as a responsible citizen we must understand that we should not blindly follow leaders and their point of views. Similarly those in power need to understand their duties as a leader and the influence of their actions on a common man’s life.

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