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Kejriwal May Face Criminal Charges

“Najeeb Jung, naam toh suna hi hoga”.

Even if you have not, let me remind you he was the Lt. Governor of New Delhi. He will be remembered in history for 2 reasons; One, a great academician. Two, his constant tussle with the Kejriwal government over various decisions, protocols, procedures.

Speaking in an interview, Mr.Najeeb Jung said, “Kejriwal is a young person, who is in hurry to do things”. Jung’s tenure as Lt. Governor had the lowest relation with the state government. Though their personal equation was quite mature, it was always an administrative tussle. Kejriwal’s constant rhetoric of “LG is a central government agent. Jung is a Modi agent”, were simply ridiculed by many. People in Delhi posted videos on youtube requesting Kejriwal to focus on basic needs of New Delhi. Jung also commented on the excitement with which the Kejriwal team works, keeping in mind the brute majority they have.

Mr.Jung put out a few shocking facts against Kejriwal’s government. One, setting up of a ‘Secret Unit”, acting as “Counter IB”. Jung, alarmed at this arrangement, said that a secret unit of this kind​i​s not permitted under any law. Every incumbent CM has to learn to work with the existing momentum, but Kejriwal is different. He works in his own pace, bypassing and sidelining many. This has drawn severe criticism in the administrative quarters of Delhi Government. Another allegation was regarding Nepotism, cheating and favouritism. Appointment of a relative of Kejriwal’s wife as OSD to Health ministry, appointment of Health Minister’s daughter as “Advisor” in ‘Mohalla’ project – all three are cases of favouritism and nepotism. He also questioned the appointments made by the DCW chief Swathi Maliwal. Mr.Jung held his view that all these amounts to Nepotism.

When asked whether Kejriwal will face criminal charges, Mr.Jung replied, “There are chances. Cases are being investigated and should court find some substance in it, then it is quite possible”. The Ex-LG defended himself saying that he tried to ensure a balance was maintained. He tried to act against the Delhi government’s ‘tendencies’ of playing with the constitution. Mr.Jung said that Sunglu Committee is looking at various decisions taken by Mr.Kejriwal and AAP Government where it had no right to do so.

Currently, CBI is looking at eight cases. Another 2-4 are in pipeline. Vigilance department is looking at around 10-12 cases. The CBI has registered FIR in 2-3 cases and has done preliminary enquiry in another 3-4 cases. The new LG Anil Baijal will have to look into these now.

Clearly, Kejriwal, in particular, and his team, in general, seems to be in trouble!

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