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Largest party in Meghalaya Congress failed while BJP joins NPP government

In Meghalaya, the NPP is going to form the government. This will be the 21st state of the country, where BJP is going to form the government.

In the short run of 60 seats the Congress had got the maximum 21 seats, despite this Congress was unable to form a government here because it didn’t have the full majority.

Even though the BJP got two seats only, it is going to join the government even after a poor performance. The state government will also include UDP, BJP and HSPDP in the National People’s Party (NPP) -led government.

According to reports, the NDA government will be formed in Meghalaya and the swearing-in ceremony will be held on March 6 at 10:30 am. Konrad Sangma will be the new chief minister.

Conrad Sangma met Meghalaya Governor Ganga Prasad yesterday and claimed to have the support of 34 MLAs in the 60-member assembly to form the government in the state. He handed over the letter of support to the 34 legislators, including NPP (19), BJP (2), UDP (6), HSPDP (2), PDF (4) and Independent legislators.

Notably, despite being the largest party in Goa and Manipur earlier, the Congress had failed to form the government there too.

According to election results, no one could get the absolute majority. Congress has emerged as the biggest party by winning 21 seats, while NPP got 19 and BJP were stopped on 2 seats. There are 18 seats in the account of others. Congress and BJP were in constant touch with UDP, who have 6 MLAs. UDP has finally decided to support NPP playing the role of kingmaker.

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