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Leopard breaks glass and enters the hotel room in Nainital

Nainital: For Sahshi Sumeet Rathore, it was the most frightening night on Sunday, when a leopard entered his hotel room in Nainital. Though later, the leopard escaped and no one was hurt in this frightening incident.  

According to the reports, a tourist couple, Shashi Sumeet Rathore and his wife Shivani were sleeping in a hotel room at Tallital. At around 5 am, they woke up after hearing the sound of breaking of glass window. What they found was a leopard roaming in their room.

Being frightened both covered themselves in the blanket. After walking for several minutes in the room, leopard went inside the bathroom. Gathering courage, Shashi rushed and locked the leopard in bathroom and called for help in the hotel.

According to Forest officials said that “fearing attack of wild dogs, the leopard entered hotel room”. Being locked in bathroom for a couple of hours, the leopard managed to escape from the ventilation point in to the forest. Nainital divisional forest officer Sawant Patil and police officers were present at the scene during the entire episode.

In the incident, none was reported to be injured. Although the couple was frightened to stay in the room next day.

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