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Lets spare a thought – what is normal?

They say when you get tired, you lose interest in everything around you, but do you? I believe that there are various ways for behavior of various people and how they feel after a long, tiring day.

Chances are, you are thinking why the f are we reading about how different people behave differently after they get exhausted… Um, let’s say its not even about people behaving differently when bored, its more about how we assume they all behave same.

From the moment we open you eyes we are told what is to be assumed and what is normal and that stays throughout with us. We follow this linearity in our thoughts and beliefs so unconsciously. Getting freaked out about your friend’s expensive phone is normal, guys with a feminine manner being called gay is normal, obsessing over harry potter is normal and so is putting a thousand of layers of clothing.

Basically, everything- minutest to the largest is either normal or “not normal”, there is absolutely no other dimension to it. Don’t you think now, we take normal too far and for granted?

Everything that looks a little out of place to our comfortably limited worldview, instead of going through the uncomfortably difficult process of fighting our own prejudices and expanding our tiny horizons which requires constant making and breaking of own conscious, we simply take the easy way out and label it “not normal”, making normal a weapon to put out anything which might threaten our comfort zones of thinking. So maybe normal is not all that ” normal ” after all.

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