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LG Party seeks action and not just sloganeering to uproot corruption

Former Secretary Government of India and the National Convener Lok Gathbandhan Party (LGP) Vijay Shankar Pandey today said corruption, which has assumed menacing dimensions in every walk of life in the country, will not be eliminated just by a call of the prime minister Narendra Modi to the youth of the country to come forward and tackle this menace.

Pandey said entire administrative and political system has been corrupted over the past few decades and people with vested interests have tightened their octopus-like grips over it.

Pandey said that when the administrative and bureaucratic machinery in the country has become spineless and always only eager to serve its corrupt political masters, how can one think of getting rid of such wide-spread corruption so well trenched in the system. Just a slogan to fight corruption would not help solve the problem, as the disease required major surgery by throwing the entire lot of corrupt political parties supporting such elements, away from the power forever.

He said the crisis has further taken dangerous dimension with almost all prominent political parties giving shelter to criminals and Mafiosi including even sending them to the Parliament and state legislatures.Even though, undoubtedly, the younger generation is extremely frustrated over the prevailing state of affairs and wants to bring in the desired changes in the system the corrupt political kingdom and the bureaucracy together have blocked all available avenues for such changes the situation.

Pandey said unless there is a complete political overhaul with the overthrow of corrupt parties, the country will not come out of the morass. He said Modi’s call to youth in this connection could serve only as a political slogan for the BJP, as the NDA government has also done nothing during the last four year to control the rampant corruption.

Mr Pandey said while elimination of corruption in administration requires quick and stringent action against erring officials, the electoral reforms with a complete curb on black money in electioneering are urgently required to purge the political corruption. He said honest, upright and the people of integrity should come forward to join the political mainstream of the country to clean the prevailing corruption-ridden political system because the change has to come from within and not from outside the country. Mr Pandey said the LGP committed to honesty, transparency and good governance has been carrying on movement in the country in this connection for a long time now.

He said LGP under the India Rejuvenation Initiative (IRI) has, during the last one decade, carried out successful anti-corruption drives at the high places and now the same exercise has been undertaken under the banner of LGP. Mr Pandey has called upon the people to join the LGP movement to root out corruption from the country.

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