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Lok Gathbandhan Party opposes jail-term provision in triple Talaq Bill

The Lok Gathbandhan Party today demanded amendment in the Bill banning Triple Talaq in the Muslim community. The party said while ban on gender-biased age-old practice is necessary to give full honour and protection to Muslim women criminalizing the triple talaq practice is not at all justified.

The LGP spokesman Masoodul Hasan said here on Monday that instead of sending the accused husband to jail there should be provision for hefty fine to deter him from resorting to torture his wife. The spokesman, recalling that the party had welcome the Supreme Court verdict banning the practice, said most of the Muslim nations have banned it but there is no criminal provision like the one envisaged in the Bill pending before the Parliament. 

Hasan said like “Mehr” which is a financial protection money for wife during her married life, there should be provision for sustainable amount if she is erroneously pushed out of her home. Divorce is being practiced in other communities also but there is no such harsh provision, the spokesman pointed out.   

The spokesman said sending jail to husband would mean putting entire family members under financial and mental distress and there is also no logic in provision in the Bill to allow wife to get maintenance while he being in the jail. The provision is absolutely ridiculous, Hasan said, adding the apex court has just banned it without fixing any quantum of jail-term on the accused. Pointing out what is unconstitutional is not necessarily a crime, the spokesman said suicide was decriminalized when the state realized the futility of those attempting it. 

The spokesman said before rushing through the passage of the Bill in House, there should be proper national debate and wide-ranging consultations with stake-holders in the society. There are many available civil remedies to effectively implement the court directives rather than pushing the male members of the community to brink. 

The spokesman said this provision of jail-term seems to smack of NDA government political imperative of being tough on Muslims, which is not at all justified.