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Lucknow-Delhi Gomti Express to get comfortable ‘Shan e Avadh’ coaches

Going over the station premises at Lucknow railway station, the General Manager Northern Railway Vishwesh Chaube enthusiastically appraised the display of “Shane-e-Awadh coaches” which will be part of the rake of Gomti Express.

As per Northern Railway, these coaches are an innovative endeavour of Coach Care Centre, Lucknow for providing enhanced amenities through the suitable resourceful refurbishment of existing mid-life coaches.

Following it, the General Manager also took an appraisal of the on-display Rail-Cum-Road-Vehicle (RCRV). The RCRV is built on a truck chassis and is equipped with rescue and relief equipment.

RCRV will drastically cut down time and provide extremely quick relief to passengers who may be stranded in cases of train accidents at locations that may be easily approachable by road but which need last mile movement of rescue and relief equipment by train by rail. Northern Railway is pioneering the induction of State of the Art and first of its kind RCRV that is built in Germany. This shall be the first machine on the entire Indian Railways to be commissioned for providing fast relief and rescue to enable restoring the disrupted traffic consequent upon incidents like derailments etc.

It also has a highly accurate and versatile hydraulic crane that can lift up to 15 t load that can be used to clear heavy debris lying on the track.
Such state of art multi-utility RCRVs are also being used by advanced railway systems to help them in speedily reaching the exact spot of disruption on the track and it has the ability to seamlessly and rapidly changing its mode of movement – from a vehicle running on road on rubber tyres to a vehicle running on tracks on steel wheels.

The other exhibits on display include Infrared Hot Detector device and Bio-Toilet model besides improvements to the ambience and get up of first-class waiting hall.

Following it, he participated in a Speed Trial of 120 Kmph on the Manaknagar-Amausi-Piparsand rail section on which 28 bridges, 06 level-crossings’ besides 10 curves are located. On the onward route, the General Manager inspected Harauni station. He inaugurated a new Foot-over-Bridge there and also reviewed a demonstration of the modern 3-X Tamping Express, a technology-based track machine which aids continuous action tamping thus enabling an increase in output and quality.

Proceeding onward, Chaube also inspected Ajgain station where he undertook an extensive inspection of the station premises, the level-crossing sliding boom in the station precincts besides power sub-station. He inaugurated the Inspectors’ restroom there. He also directed that improved facilities be added on to the restroom.

At Unnao, the next station, the General Manager carried out an inspection of the complete station premises and took an overview of the railway colony. Teams associated with track maintenance made a demo of working of small track machine, welding & USFD track testing to GM.

Proceeding onward, the General Manager carried out the inspection of the Kanpur Bridge station premises besides doing an intense inspection of bridge no. 110 also referred as Kanpur Bridge Left Bank. Further on, he inspected the Harauni and Piparsand stations going over specific target inspection points viz., Curve No. 18, Minor Bridge No. 34, Turnout in Piparsand East yard, switch and expansion joints in the yard beside interacting with Gang No. 3 posted on the section. Interacting with the gateman Shri Ram Vriksh posted at Level-crossing No. 12C, he questioned him on safe working rules and procedures and checked his adequacy to deal with exigent situations. Appreciating his knowledge, GM announced an on the spot cash award of Rs. 3000/- to the gateman Shri Ram Vriksh.

He inspected the station premises at Piparasand and took part in a tree-plantation ceremony there. He carried out a wide-ranging inspection of Manaknagar station before returning to Lucknow station and viewed the Nukkad Natak staged on railway safety organised at the station.