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Lucknow wants its ‘honest’ IAS officer back as District Magistrate

It was the first time, when media reports and social media was flooded in support of an IAS officer who was just transferred to other district. Earlier the links shared by people and media were related to corrupt practices of the officials and ‘Netas’.

But on Saturday, the capital of Uttar Pradesh witnessed something unusual where people and media were praising IAS Officer and District Magistrate Lucknow Raj Shekhar for the development works done by him in the capital city.

The people and media expressed their anger on ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) government and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for transferring Raj Shekhar from Lucknow to Bareilly district.

According to media reports, Raj Shekhar joined as District Magistrate Lucknow on February 10, 2014 after which he started development works in the city. Almost every government official praise his style of working as he wanted solution of every problem especially when it comes to Public related government departments.

During his two and a half years long tenure, Raj Shekhar started development of Heritage, roads, traffic improvement, upliftment of poor, implementation of welfare schemes, and so on.

After going through, Local Media reports of Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh, ‘whatthebeep’ team decided to contact the Lucknowities and know what they think about IAS Officer Raj Shekhar and what made him popular amongst the masses that they don’t want him to be transferred.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) UP Spokesperson Vaibhav Maheshwari said IAS Officer Raj Shekhar unearthed the corruption of private company which was hired to construct and run solid waste treatment plant. His transfer from the post of DM Lucknow was unfortunate.

A local resident Sailesh kumar said Raj Shekhar was a famous personality in Lucknow he was not much less than a celebrity. But he was know for his work and innovative ideas.

When WTB team had a look on DM Lucknow’s official page where Raj Shekhar made last post as DM Lucknow, there were hundreds of comments with these common comments. “We will miss you: Lucknow will miss you”; “Government should give its honest and respected officer back”.