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‘Make in India’: A Manufactured Deception

Do we really know the difference between ‘Make In India’ and ‘Made In India’? What is really going to benefit the country, foreign companies making products in India or Indian Companies manufacturing products on its own soil?

Make in India, is just like inviting a foreign company to a state having surplus labor and resources, so as the company can employ the resources for their production house and hence creating economic dependency in the long run. Whereas the Made in India is just the reverse case, it reflects the meaning as to produce items within the State with their existing technology and resources, as here Foreign companies are not entertained well, state will become self reliant free from economic slavery.

“Make in India” initiative is an invitation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here the Government invites foreign investors to set up manufacturing industries in India. Government is claiming that unemployed resources will be fully utilized to their optimum limits and the country will become self-reliant.

On the other side, the Chinese approach is something different its “Made in China”. Following this slogan, local companies manufacture their products in China-based industries itself so their revenue is returned to their country only and they taste the sweetness of their Country’s growth.

But here in India, Government is inviting foreign investors to start their manufacturing business by employing Indian resources. As a result, India will be dominated by overseas global giants. These giants will take huge profits outside the country while leaving a small portion in the form of low wages to Indian employees and resource-owners. These Giant corporates will easily export their capitalist ideology to India, dividing India into economic classes.

In such a scenario “Made in India” seems to be a good initiative, as its emphasizes on the manufacturing of goods in India by Indian or by Indigenous industries, this will benefit a lot as the resource-owners, employees and employers belongs to the same country, so feeling of national brother-hood will help in the rapid boost of economy.

Since they belong to the same country, they all know the causes of under utilization of resources so they will try to make the use of resources optimum. Manufacturing within India will increase the country’s GDP in real sense, make India self-reliant and country will grow and develop sustainedly. All the revenue generated will be distributed between employees, resource-owners, employers, Government so in turn circular flow of income will benefit each sector of an economy in the long run.

Adopting Make in India, in the long run will make India an economic slave in the hands of foreign corporations and will divide India, and by simply adopting Made in India plans will prove it difficult for India to move ahead on the path of development. The combination of Make in India and Made in India will work good for Country. The Modi Government is doing good move by starting Make in India but gradually it should focus on Make for India by Indians. So, it will be better calling “Make for India”.