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Media Hypnosis in India – Dictating Judgements to our Brains

Amid the India-Pakistan standoff first over the Kashmir conflict then terror attacks in Kashmir and many other conflicts be it JNU, Rohit Vemula or Intolerance debate, people have witnessed heavy reportage from Media, from heated debates to rhetoric, fights and insults in news rooms. The media played a significant role in stirring up these issues, fostering hate speeches against a particular section or people of society whose view aren’t in line with majority. Journalism has become a tool in the hands of few to build opinion and manufacture consent.

News Reporter to Hangman:
Having a watchful and sharp media reporting on critical issues is desirous, but when media start playing Hangman delivering Judgment from news rooms it becomes a matter of concern and the role of media in a democratic society questionable. Few months back in a Primetime debate, a very famous News anchor called a fellow Muslim Journalist a ‘cover’ of the terrorist group.

This divisive discourse from media has become danger to society, people now fear to openly discuss issues related to current political scenarios especially those that goes against majoritarian view.

Now there are two brands of journalism, one that survives on viewers rating and employ screaming, shouting, taunting, labelling some as traitors and killing voices that dissent where debates happen not to question or discuss but to condemn and ridiculing others which kills the essence of debates. Another brand of journalism is real which is open up the debate, question rather than claim.

The Nationalist Media:
The latest case of such pathetic discourse by media is the India-Pakistan standoff. Media in both the country is feeding its viewers with hate and jingoism by flaring up people’s emotions. The war mongering by media of both countries lays the foundation for the war. It seems war has become the only answer to this conflict. Along with the war rhetoric there is lot of misinformation going around, report with no logical base or evidence and rumors finding their way into mainstream.

Highly charged and emotional coverage by Nationalist media can trigger reaction among viewers leading to serious law and order problems. The fourth pillar of democracy need to consider the democratic principles in sight. Some parts of the media have been openly and shockingly trying to echo the line of political groups.

We’re at a point where no one is concerned about journalistic ethics all matters are viewership and ratings, selling profitable news item be it hate or government propaganda. Its high time we realize no one get profited by preaching hate.

Ray of Hope:
Amid this Journalism crisis we have seen several eminent journalist speaking and condemning the destructive behavior of leading media organization drawing a line between good and bad journalism.

At this critical juncture the responsibility lies with people. We as people should be objective to what we see or read in news before forming opinion about others specially people we haven’t met yet. We cannot spend our life hating our fellow countrymen just because they eat something we don’t or don’t share the same view as ours. The same goes for people across the border. We have had enough of hating each other and let’s give Love, Peace and understanding a chance.

Having difference of opinion is a good sign, provided that respect for each other is maintained.

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