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Meet this 14 year old crorepati boy, who has signed a deal worth Rs 5 crore with Gujarat government

Vibrant Gujarat has always given us interesting news feed, right from it’s first edition. Be it the inking of 15 lakh crore rupees worth MOUs in mid 2000s or meeting of the India’s finest conglomerates and the richest business families, Vibrant Gujarat has had an element of surprise everytime.

However what percentage of MOUs signed translated into investments is subject to discussion, but not now. Today, we have a 14 year boy, who inked a deal worth Rs.5 crore with none other than the Government of Gujarat itself.

Harshawardhan Zala, a class 10 student, is a science enthusiast. He started working on an anti-landmine prototype last year. He said he was touched by the news of army men losing lives due to land mines. He first created a land mine detecting robot. But he assessed it himself ​and found it to be heavier than required, and that may possibly trigger blast and thus the purpose will not be solved. This made him think of ​making a drone, which uses infrared technology to detect land mines. Adding to the existing prototype, Harshawardhan said that a 50gm detonator can be used to defuse the mine.

The final stage of his prototype was supported by the state government. The officials will later explore the possibilities of commercial production of drones. “An MOU has been signed with him and in coming days Gujarat will work with him on this project”, said Dr Narottam Sahu, head of Gujarat Council on Science and Technology. Harshawardshan explaining about the drone said it costed him around Rs.3.5 lakhs for the final prototype. But with additional features and functionalities, the cost could go up. However, even after added functionalities, the cost would still be significantly less than what is used by the armed forces.

Defence and technology experts lauded Harshawardhan on his contribution to the armed forces. They also suggested few inputs like, digital display during diffusion, live streaming of the operations, all terrain all climate compatible features, low-noise or noise reduction capabilities, etc. Enhancements aside. What this 14 year old kid has done is a commendable job. Harshawardhan, whose father is an accountant, has setup his own company Aerobatics 7. This kid wants to create, build, develop many drones, robots for public good. He says, science, technology and innovation are his interesting fields.

Kudos to this 14 year old crorepati…

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