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Mi Note 2 Pro could have 8GB RAM

Leaks have become the unofficial unveiling of smartphones. Pretty much all the details of a smartphone are leaked before its official unveiling. In fact the news of iPhone’s dumping of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack was in the market two months prior to the official unveiling.

Nothing new happened for the Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 pro. When you thought 6 GB of RAM provided by Oneplus 3 was enough for a phone, you should think again. In a photo posted on China’s Twitter, Weibo by Android Pure of the ‘about phone’ page of the alleged Mi Note 2 Pro shows 8GB of RAM. Yes 8GB!


There’s other details provided as well. Like the phone will be equipped by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, internal storage capacity of 256 GB and will run on MIUI 8 built on the latest version of Android, ‘Nougat’. If Mi Note 2 Pro will have the same specifications seen in the leak, it will not be less than a beast.

Although the company has not given the official launch date of Mi Note 2 and Note 2 Pro, it is speculated that the phone will launch aside the Mi5s on September 27.