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Modi-era scams are distinct from earlier scams : Amaresh Misra

It is not just PNB. An enquiry should be conducted into all loans taken by crony corporates and crony sundries from nationalised banks since 2014.

Modi was brought to power by forces of global finance capital so that he could do what Congress couldn’t–conduct an open, repressive loot of Indian resources and money. Find out how much Indian capital has flown abroad since 2014. It is the greatest scam of the century–CAPITAL DRAIN SCAM.

Global finance capital wants to pauperize small Indian entrepreneurs, traders, shopkeepers, workers and peasants.


So that this section, which has worked as the backbone of the Indian nation, loses economic autonomy and Independence. And gets transformed either into cheap labour or worse, into petty brokers for foreign capital.

In the early 1990s, India was liberalised on the promise of a huge Indian market, in which foreign capital can invest, generate employment, productivity, and internal growth.

But, today, the entire liberalisation process is standing upside-down, on its head!

The Indian market is dying out. India’s purchasing power is declining. So, the real game is to re-colonise India. To turn this self sufficient nation, into a pre-1947 dependant status, when our own manufacturing base was nil, peasant productivity was low–and we were dependant on the import of basic infrastructure and consumer goods, INCLUDING FOODGRAINS!

So modi-era scams are distinct from earlier scams…

However deplorable, earlier SCAMS did not pose a threat to our economic sovereignity as a nation!

But modi era scams are striking a body-blow to economic nationalism!

There can be no political sovereignty without economic sovereignity…

US-Israel nexus understands this!

That is why, us-israel nexus is promoting rss-communal-cultural nationalism, striking at the roots of ganga-yamuni tehzeeb, so that attention can be diverted away from assaults on indian economic and political sovereignity!

Facebook is not just for light comments and short posts…

If you do not understand this; if you cannot link Modi + Modi + Modi + Mallya + Rafael + Loya + Tadipar + Jay Shah + lynchings + Bajrang Dal openly molesting girls on camera + farmer distress + atrocities on Dalits + disenfranchisement of Muslims + distorting Sanatan Dharma, killing Brahmins while lionizing them + making OBCs fight against OBCs + Kasganj + Ankit Saxena + Ambani + Adani + freezing of central wages and jobs + lumpenisation + unemployment + contract farming + attack on worker’s rights + GST + Demonetisation + cultural fascism and decline of secular education + fake news + ‘crusaders’ set up by people who want to control both ends of the spectrum…

If you cannot join the dots then you are screwed, royally.

(The following write-up is taken from Amaresh Misra’s Facebook wall and the views expressed in it are his own.)

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