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Modi government legalizes political corruption: CPI-M

The CPI-M on Thursday accused the Modi government of creating “new avenues for large-scale money laundering” while claiming to be fighting corruption in public life.

“The Modi government has indulged in the height of duplicity to hoodwink the people of this country with its loud pronouncements to cleanse corruption, particularly in the electoral process,” the CPI-M said.

It said this was clear from the amendment slipped into the provisions of the Finance Bill 2017 where the “limit of 7.5 per cent of net profit of the last three financial years” and “the requirements of a company to disclose the name of the political parties to which a contribution has been made” has been deleted.

The Companies Act as amended now allows corporate to pay political parties an unlimited amount through the Election Bonds Scheme without disclosing the beneficiaries name, the Communist Party of India-Marxist pointed out.

The CPI-M said it had consistently demanded the banning of corporate funding to political parties as this constituted the fountainhead for corruption at high places.

“This Modi government has not only widened the process of corporate funding to political parties but has also created new avenues for large-scale money laundering.”

The CPI-M urged all political parties, social movements and individuals to unitedly oppose “these moves which allow new obnoxious levels of political corruption”.

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  • B.M.P.Mishra

    At one hand the Modi Gov manages political funding from unknown Corporates to BJP and Congress and financially eliminates other regional and caste based parties misusing the demonetization.

    India had been a colony of pentagon consists of (1) America (2) Britain (3) Indian dependent & colonized Corporates (4) Indian dependent & colonized political houses and (5) States, together constituting pentagon.

    RSS, Jansangh, Hindu communal organizations such Hindu maha sabha at global forums are also puppets to the pentagon. They had subordinated to split India on communal basis. Modi is their well known member.

    It means the two party system is a product of pentagon aiming to hideously colonizing the entire world including Russia and China.

    What for then UN, constitution of invidual Countries and judiciaries?

    Therefore only system reform which is need of the day to transfer power to the people but in economically participative manner for making it practicable/ workable. This can be done by converting individual citizen’s fair property / wealth such as land etc in to capital in terms of money. Then this money / capital may be used as share in a fair corporate system which in turn take over the farming in well professionalized way.

    To develop international market for agro products, Communal sex fights be stopped which is being used for satanuc purpose by the pentagon.

    In this way Kashmir problem and kisan suicides and their psychological killings by enforcing corrupt extortion under the frontal legal polishing can be solved.

    Ruling party namely Congress bribed opposition by allotting them the Cooperative banks, Real Estate works, Housing Societies etc with permission to elope all Gov allocations to the kisan and poor laborors in the way. It also means Congress also legalized killing and abetmentment to suicide to kisans via opposition parties.

    BJP though boasts to oppose “tushtikaran”/ illegal and immoral favour to Muslims but is silent on the same to kisan’s killing by misusing them by bribing of lower economy by Cooperative financial, Real Estate, Housing societies and similar institutions.

    That is why muslims demand Islamic banking and raise flags of Islamic Countries. But if more than 80% kisan population mostly Hindus is also victim like muslims then what is the moral justification of this party system under pentagon to continue?

    Poverished condition of kisans is also responsible of aiding /fomenting Cow slaughters in view of the aforesaid facts, then why secular or Islamic economic, social systems and personal laws are attacked by misusing Hindu Colonial products?

    PM and the CM of biggest State of India claim to be Yogies/ Bhagwas but what they have to say about they being henchmen of satanic pentagon requiring them to cause Cow slaughters?