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Modi is an unrealistic PM says Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

After Demonetisation, it is the second time when former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has directly attacked Prime Minister Modi. He described the PM Modi’s government as unrealistic.

Speaking in a program on Friday, Manmohan Singh said that PM Modi’s rule is not good for India because he has broken the confidence of his own voters. The government always keeps silence on matters related to communal violence, mobs lynching and alleged cow protection. At the same time, the Modi government has harmed the image of universities and the CBI.

Speaking further in this program, Manmohan Singh said that in 2014 PM Modi made very big promises with the countrymen, after believing in him people choose him as the Prime Minister of India. But in last 4 years, he did not work on any promise made during elections and broke the confidence of the voters. In such a situation, the modi government failed to impress the people with their unfulfilled promises.

He said that PM Modi is an unrealistic Prime Minister and it has been mentioned by Shashi Tharoor in his book, The Paradoxical Minister.

Earlier, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had attacked Prime Minister Modi during the demonetisation. He had said that decision of demonetisation was not in the interest of the country, it will not only increase the inflation, and also affect the GDP. After some time Manmohan Singh’s statement proved true.

The statement of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has come at a time when the CBI vs CBI case is going on in the country, where the CBI itself is in the midst of questions. In such a situation, Manmohan Singh’s statement can prove fatal in the upcoming elections for PM Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party.

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