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Modi says India shares with Israel centuries-old connection, while Israel was founded 70 years ago

Since Modi’s trip to Israel will be the first one by any Indian Prime Minister, Israeli PM Netanyahu along with PM Modi is very excited about it, which could be seen on their respective Twitter handles.

But in this excitement PM has also done a factual blunder. Modi recently said that India and Israel share a centuries-old connection by ignoring that the state of Israel came into existence in 1947 by the occupying Palestinian land.

It is good that India goes after development and build up good ties with the ‘Developed Nations’ but there are some ethics and values which every nation should follow. Israel is accused of War Crimes, killed thousands of civilians including a high number of children, ignored many UN resolution and is completely building illegal settlements in West Bank which were not approved by the UN.

The visit by Indian Prime Minister marks the shift in India’s policy towards Israel. Till now the relation was under the carpet but now everything is in open with India buying billions of dollar of weapons from Israel, in one of the instances India abstained from a UNHRC voting against Israel which found evidence of war crimes by Israel and called for accountability of Israeli officials.

The Prime Minister needs to remember that Israel is an occupying power in Palestine. Its status as an occupying power has been acknowledged by the United Nations. Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem, along with the Syrian Golan Heights

Indian leaders from Gandhi to Nehru have always been vocal about the rights of Palestinian people with the father of nation saying “Palestine belongs to Palestinians as France belong to French.”

A number of decisions taken by the Narendra Modi government that have indicated a growing closeness to Israel and a shift away from past policies. However, the govt denies it. Many still hope the India maintains its policy of solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.