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Mother refused to nurse a newborn because of his rare genetic condition

We continue to live a contrasted existence where if on one hand we are coming out of our little shells regarding the wide array of rare diseases, mental and physical and embracing these as something not to be stigmatized or hidden, on the other hand there sadly continues to be stigma and alienation still regarding such incidents, not limited to but more common in the comparatively uneducated and rural, underdeveloped areas.

These often lead to such patients being unable to get the required medical attention and live an existence of prejudices like the little baby boy born to Khalida Begum (35) whom even she refused to nurse when she saw him, the yet to be named baby is born with a rare genetic condition called Harlequin lcnthyosis along with the confirmed symptoms of Anencephaly which, according to Center for Disease Control And Prevention causes children to be born without the top of their head.

The mother in this case has eventually started nursing him however the stigma has found its way into his life as villagers have deemed him supernatural, an incarnation of lord Hanuman on the footsteps that they took while deifying a 21 year old man whose mysterious health condition left him only 23 inches tall.

Such deification may cause these people to be unable to reach out to the right kind of treatment required and lead to a certain kind of stigmatization and alienation through and through, caused by lack of literacy and the awareness that fails to find its way among these people.