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MP government college disrtibutes free bags with SC-ST tag

A Government college in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh has distributed bags to SC/ST students which have “SC/ST scheme” written on them. The bags were distributed to 250 students of Rajiv Gandhi Government PG College, which contained a calculator, pen and notebooks.

“What’s wrong if it is spelled out clearly, because the bags were distributed under a welfare scheme… If some people don’t like it, I will get the words erased… In any case, it was the supplier who wrote it on the bags,’’ principal B R Nalvaya told The Indian Express.

The principal has said that he would ensure that the words are erased from the remaining bags before they are distributed.

The controversy came to light after a journalist, Deepak Tiwari tweeted a photo of a bag along with the following text, “MP Govt want dalit students to wear SC/ST badge on their face. Shame !!.”

Meenakshi Natarajan, former Congress MP from Mandsaur has said, “It’s atrocious and cannot be tolerated. It amounts to profiling”, reported The Indian Express.

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