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My health is perfect, vested interests spreading rumours: Parrikar

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that vested interests were spreading rumours about his health, ahead of the August 23 by-polls. He also said that an angioplasty procedure, which he underwent recently to treat a minor block, was being blown out of proportion.

“I went for a routine check-up. I had done an angioplasty around 8-10 years back. So I just went for a routine check. He (doctor) said it is better to do an angiography. He saw something small (block). I said fix it. I walked off the hospital in 3 to 4 hours. Anyone can have small (health) issues. But overall my health is perfect,” Parrikar said on Saturday.

The former Defence Minister also said that he had lost some weight in recent times, but added that the weight-loss was a result of a conscious effort to achieve a perfect body mass index ratio.

“When I went to Delhi I was about 82 kg, which was about eight kg overweight. Today I am about 75 which is perfect for my height. No one should worry. I take care of my health,” Parrikar said at an exclusive interaction with students. He was asked by one of the concerned students to take care of his health, especially in the by-poll campaign hullabaloo.

“We like chubby children, but they need not be healthy. Those children who are round like tomatoes look good, but they are not healthy medically,” Parrikar said.