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Mystery shrouds over Narsingh’s ticket to Rio

Narshingh Yadav gets clearance from National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) and United World Wrestling (UWW). Now the clearance report of WADA would decided whether the athlete will get chance to represent India in Rio Olympics or not.
“There is no fault and negligence on Narsingh Yadav’s part, he is a victim of sabotage done by a competitor,” further to this he added “We kept in mind that in the past, till June 2, none of his samples were positive. It was inconceivable that one-time ingestion would be of benefit. Therefore the panel is of the view that the one-time ingestion was not intentional,” said NADA DG Naveen Agarwal. 
Narsingh has claimed that his food had been spiked by rivals. He thanked the public, media and everyone who supported him. Praveen Rana was named his replacement but with keeping in mind the current development, Narsingh Yadav will have to go through a reinstatement test before he boards the flight to Rio, if he is cleared by WADA / IOC, he will represent the nation for wrestling.
The 26-year-old wrestler would have to wait more before flying for Rio as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) had asked NADA to send the case file of Narsingh for a review. After reviewing the case file, WADA will appeal against a decision of Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel of any of its member countries to the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) within 21 days.

If WADA appeals against the decision of the disciplinary panel at the ad hoc division of the CAS, specifically constituted to render decisions quickly during the Olympics, Narsingh may have to wait some more days to know his fate regarding his participation in the Rio Games.