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National Bravery Awards; They Did What We Couldn’t Do!

Would you jump into a river, when you don’t know how to swim, to save your friends? Would you fight the fire and go brave to pull out your family from the gutted house? We’ll, consciously you would want to do every possible thing to bring your near ones out of trouble, practically you can’t do. But, it’s not the case with these 25 kids, who put their lives at risk, only to save others. Welcome to National Bravery Awards 2017.

The National Bravery Award is given to children between the ages of six to eighteen years and are divided into four main categories-

  • Bharat Award,
  • Sanjay Chopra Award,
  • Geeta Chopra Award,
  • Bapu Gaidhani Award, and
  • General National Bravery Awards.

25 children from different parts of India were awarded Bravery Awards. Of these 4 were awarded posthumously. Let’s know about few brave kids.

The Bharat Award has been conferred upon 8 year old, youngest of all, Tarh Peju from Arunachal pradesh for sacrificing her life while saving her friends frown drowning.

Bapu Gaidhani Award was given to Roluahpuii and Lalhriatpuii from Mizoram, and Tushar Verma from Chattisgarh. Roluahpuli saved 2 girls from drowning, in the process she sacrificed her life. Lahriatpuli sacrificed her life in an effort to save her cousin in an accident. Tushar Verma lost his life while trying to extinguish fire in his neighbourhood.

These 2 girls from bengal have shown exemplary courage in unearthing an international sex racket by joining hands with NGO and Police – 18-year-old Tejasweeta Pradhan and 17-year old Shivani Gond of West Bengal. They were awarded Geeta Chopra Bravery Award. The mastermind behind this sex racket was arrested.

Other awardees include, 10- year-old Thanghilmang Lunkim from Nagaland for rescuing his bother from drowning; Moirangthem Sadananda Singh, a 14-year old from Manipur, was recognised for rescuing his mother from an electric shock; 12-year resident of Jammu and Kashmir who lost her life while trying to protect three students during flash floods last year; Sumit Mamgain from Uttarakhand for rescuing his cousin from a leopard attack.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented National Bravery Awards to these brave children in New Delhi, on occasion of the 120th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Prime Minister Modi said, “Bravery is a state of mind. A healthy body helps, but the prime moving force is the mind. Therefore, we need to make the mind strong.” Modi encouraged the bravery award winners to read biographies of leaders, sportspersons and others who have done great things in their lives.

Surely, there’s lot to learn from these kids!

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