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Nawaz hasn’t cut deal for exile in S. Arabia: Daughter

Ousted Pakistan Prime Mminister Nawaz Sharifs daughter, Maryam Nawaz, has rubbished rumours of her fathers self-exile, describing it as a “self-created lie”.

In a tweet on Sunday, Maryam stated that exile will be the fate of military dictators and non-democratic characters, not of representatives elected by the people.

A spokesperson of Nawaz Sharif also called news report published in national and international press as “speculative” that Sharif was negotiating a deal with Saudi Arabia to avoid facing an accountability court back home.

The spokesperson said Sharif was visiting Saudi Arabia due to his long-standing relations with the royal family and in his capacity as the head of the ruling party, a press release issued on Sunday said.

“He has always utilised these relations for national interest and never for his personal benefits,” it said.

The spokesperson expressed disappointment and surprise that the story was published “in violation of established norms and ethics” without taking the version of all concerned. He advised media organisations to approach him before filing a story.