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No more Kejriwal will be born from the movements says Anna Hazare 

Social activist Anna Hazare who raised voice against the government for Janlokpal Bill and corruption during the Congress regime in which Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal was also with him. In between, Arvind decided to come to politics and Anna distance himself from the political front.

Now Anna is going to hold a protest against the Modi government, On Monday he said that in the protest against the BJP led central government, ‘another Kejriwal’ will not be made.

According to the media report, Anna said that he will take an affidavit from those who participate in the proposed movement in March, that they will not join politics later.

As per reports, while speaking a program in Delhi, he said, ‘No Kejriwal will not be born from the movement. I have asked the people coming along with me that they should give an affidavit, affirming that they will not enter politics.

Anna Hazare, while addressing a public meeting at the Atapadi tehsil of Sangli, Maharashtra a few days ago said that I have written more than 30 letters to Prime Minister Modi in the last three years, but he never responded to those. After becoming Modi has developed an ego and this is the reason why he does not respond to my letters.

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