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Official Website of Indian National Congress Has A Page ‘Truth about RSS’

The battle between Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and right wing outfit Rashtriya Sawayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on controversial phrase ‘RSS killed Gandhi’ has widened. The official website of Indian National Congress (INC) has opened a page ‘Truth about RSS’ producing their side of evidence on Rahul’s claim against RSS.

The official website had displayed a tab ‘Truth about RSS’ which contains the documents alleging that the killers of Mahatama Gandhi were associated with RSS and even the letters of Sardar Patel and Dr Shayama Prasad Mukharji have been uploaded on the page.


The defamation case against Rahul started from lower court of Bhiwandi and has now reached to the court room of Supreme Court. Finally Rahul Gandhi said in Supreme Court on September 1 that he would remain firm on his statement and was ready to face the trail. Now to support Rahul’s controversy a separate page on INC website (http://inc.in/truth-about-rss/) had come up.

The congress website alleged: “When the nation mourned the death of Mahatma Gandhi, there were some people who celebrated. The shakhas of RSS & Hindu Mahasabha bore a festive look. Lamps were lit, flowers showered & firecrackers lit. What the Sanghis had failed to do for the past decade had been done by one their cadre.”

The letter correspondences between Sardar Patel and Syama Prasad Mookerjee titling ‘Problems In the Central Government’ have also been uploaded on the website.

To prove the point, the Congress party has upload references of several investigative books written on the historic tragedy, where Mahatma Gandhi was killed.

The books quoted against RSS

  1. The RSS and The BJP- A division of Labour written by AG Noorani
  2. Religious Nationalism- Confronts the secular state written by Mark Juergensmeyer
  3. Saffron Facisms written by Shyam Chand
  4. Let’s Kill Gandhi! A chronical of his last days, a conspiracy, Murder, investigation and trial writted by Tushar A Gandhi
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