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Opposition says Modi’s statement on Dalits politically driven

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s back to back attack on ‘Cow Vigilantes’ has got mixed reaction from the political arena of the country. Here the allies haven’t stopped praising him yet while the counterparts are labeling the speech as ‘Political Stunt’.

Soon after Modi called ‘Cow Vigilantes’ as Fake ones with political ambitions, the opponents started reminding him to about Akhlaq’s lynching and Una dalit beating case.

NCP leader Majeed Memon said making just statement is just a drama. We respect to his sentiment, if this would have come a year before then many lives would have been saved and many atrocities in the name of cow protection would have been averted.

Self Styled Dalit Messiah and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati said Modi and BJP remained silent for two years now what has made them realize about the atrocities taking place in the name of cow protection. The assembly election in four states coming ahead and they knew dalits will not vote in favour of BJP. The statement seems to be a political speech rather than sentiments.

Similarly, Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party state president Akhilesh Yadav called the statements as opportunist speech while Congress party leaders also took it as political statement ahead of polls.

The Welfare Party alleged that Modi’s reaction was made out of political compulsion as the BJP felt apprehension of political reverse from agitating Dalit communities in forthcoming assembly elections. The Party also criticised the PM for not reaching out to the families of those five people killed by consolation words and compensation rewards, in various incidents across the country by the cow vigilantes. The statement reminded that sanctity of the PM post warrants head of the nation to see all Indians of the country as brothers and sisters irrespective of caste and religion. The statement further said that emerging unity among the affected sections to fight communal fascism cannot be thwarted by such hollow statements.