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Our Voices Silenced, Our Words Erased, Our Freedom Stolen – An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

I write this letter on behalf of Facebook Users who have been victims of unfair practice adopted by your administration concerning the unreasonably heavy fetters imposed upon the countless free thinkers and activists around the world, who are independent from the corporate infrastructure and sought to put forth their voice on a neutral unbiased platform, while using the freedom granted by Facebook to express their views or the views of their people connected to this social platform.

Unfortunately, over the past few years, increasingly in the past few months, Facebook admins under the excuse of “Facebook Community Standards” have been banning and blocking several thousands of accounts for some of the very crucial and popular social or political stories, the activism for which are in no way against the basic Freedom of Expression within the moral and ethical bounds. The open interpretation of Facebook Community Standards has given your administration the freedom to exploit users for specific social and political issues, showing blatant double standards.

It has been observed by us that Facebook aligns it’s media policies with the flavors of the global and national mainstream media, which breaks the very uniqueness Facebook had which attracted the multitudes of users to adhere to it for various reasons. Where a portion of the population sticks to the television for their daily feeds and entertainment, there was a whole new generation which tuned to Facebook to get a different and an all new outlook of the world. However, with such harsh and unjust restrictions imposed by your administration upon free writers and bloggers who are peaceful, and who present views in contrast to those fed by the corporate media, our only means to an unbiased social platform has collapsed where we today observe the same mainstream “corporate agenda-based content” is pushed Politically and Socially, while the critics are suppressed.

This joins Facebook into the black list together with the corrupt media machines, who push the products of political parties and powerful corporations, while the independent free activists and the voice of the free people which had found for itself a platform as the network of the common man are curbed. We free thinkers and independent voices are being sidelined as we witness those very same corporations dominating not just the trends on this platform, but also dictating the way Facebook censors their opponents.

An idea of a Free Human does not remain in his heart, nor does his voice remain silenced for long. Should such suppression by Facebook against the voice of the Free and Independent continue in it’s ways, the least that is foreseeable is that Facebook will lose its credibility against the odds of the other platforms which are not like Facebook, and will witness a decline, as the voice of truth finds its ways by one means or another. In no way are we going to stop speaking for that which the mainstream chooses to observe a blackout, or stop exposing those which the mainstream poses as saints and heroes, or stop supporting those whom the mainstream demonizes. If you declare through your policies that you are one of the tools of the corrupt mainstream media machine, then you shall be among those who will face the storm of our agitation.

Our Voices shall not be Silenced, Our Words shall not be Erased, Our Freedom shall not be Stolen, and this is not a prediction, this is the Will and determination of the Free Minds who choose to speak the truth rather than sing to the tunes of the corrupt and powerful corporations.

Yours truly,

A Akeel