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Poorna Malavath moved to tears by film on her life

Poorna Malavath, whose heroic tale of being the youngest girl in the world to scale Mount Everest has been told via Rahul Bose’s directorial “Poorna”, says the movie moved her to tears.

A special screening of the film was organised for the reel and real life Poornas and their families, along with Poorna’s mentor and guide, Praveen Kumar, and his family.

The real life Poorna said in a statement: “Seeing the movie, I really broke down and I think it’s just superb, fantastic, mind blowing and unbelievable… I remembered my journey.”

She also had a special message to give to everyone: “First, hard work is important and everyone must use the opportunity given to them. Girls can do anything. Actually I wanted to prove this that girls can do anything.”

Poorna’s parents were also emotional upon watching the film, and her mentor said: “We always believed that the gap between the richest and the poorest is just an opportunity. I have no words to describe the gratitude I have for Rahul and his team, because expedition is one thing, but making it known to the entire world is something else.”

Aditi Inamdar, who plays Poorna in the film, was happy with what has translated on screen.

Rahul said he is gearing up to have a theatrical release for the film across the country in about 24 cities.

“But about two months after that, we are going to go digital. We’re not restricting it to a few theatres overseas like most films. We’re opening this to anyone and everyone on the planet who has the possibility of a digital connection.