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Pravin Togadia to PM Modi: Let’s talk again brother!

The festival of Holi is being celebrated with great fervour across the country and on this occasion, people are congratulating each other. Meanwhile, Dr. Pravin Togadia, International Working President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), congratulated PM Modi and talked about friendship again.

This is the same Togadia who came in front of media in January and told them that his life is under threat.

Talking to the media in January this year, Praveen Togadia said that the conspiracy of my encounter was being done. The old cases has been opened to suppress my voice and threaten me. He alleged all this at a time when the BJP government was at both the center and state and he was close to the BJP.

From the past several days, he has been talking about forgetting of mutual differences. According to the media report, Togadia had also spoken to an English newspaper in this regard, saying, ‘Narendra Bhai! Let’s come together and work for the country. Unemployment and bad state of the farmers are a big challenge. We have to come together to fulfill the promises made to the country.”

Now on the auspicious occasion of Holi, Togadia has once again extended the hand of friendship. On Thursday, he asked the PM Modi that lets meet again and talk? He tweeted to PM Modi, “Auspicious Holi, brother! Happy Holi once again! Let’s talk again? Holi hai! ‘

On one hand, this initiative of Pravin Togadia is being considered as a step taken in a positive direction; on the other side, the question is whether the press conference of Praveen Togadia was just a political claim?

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