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Punjab Elections: EC planning crackdown on drugs before polls

The Election commission of India (EC) is developing a strategy to curtail the availability of drugs in Punjab before polls. EC has said that it is aware that drugs could be distributed during the election process.

The chief Election Commissioner, Dr Naseem Zaidi has said in a press conference that all stake holders have brought out the issue of use of drugs in elections. The commission has taken a very serious note of the feedback given by all stake holders about wide prevalence of use of drugs and the feedback given by the political parties that drugs might be distributed in the election process. The commission has taken a very serious note of it and we are working our strategy to prevent its use. He also said that the strategy will be activated before code of conduct so that we can curtail the use before the elections to a large extent. The commission is committed and has strong willpower to stop the misuses.

Zaidi has also said that the EC has asked state narcotics bureau, central narcotics bureau and all the other enforcement agencies to prepare a strategy by November for countering the issue.

He further added, “We have told the election machinery of the state in very clear terms that from now onwards they should act in totally unbiased, neutral manner and independent manner without any external poliitcal influence. We have reviewed the situation with the Chief Secretary and the DGP and we have also told them that it must be ensured that no official of the state is under any external influence and they must work under the rule of law. We have also made it clear that if any official is found wanting in this aspect is found to be not neutral then he will be taken action against him, penal as well as civil.”

The CEC has also given out details of other measures being taken to make the elections voter friendly. Mapping of disabled voters is also being done to know their numbers booth-wise so that enough facilities could be provided to them. The EC said that the commission expects that the voting percentage in these assembly polls will go up to beyond 80 percent as compared to previous 75 percent recorded in the 2012 polls .

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