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Rise of Bahujan Samaj Party could shatter many political dreams

No matter what surveys or opinion polls predict for Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections 2017, the rise of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) could shatter Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) dreams of ruling UP and Samajwadi Party’s (SP) dream of assuming power again.

For more than four years since 2012, BSP remained away from the scene, even the party got a big shock in 2014 Lok Sabha General Elections, where not even a single Member of Parliament was elected from the BSP, but is working hard on ground to hold back its vote bank.

Learning from their mistakes, BSP Superemo Mayawati and her core team including senior party leaders have got back to work to prepare ground for Assembly elections 2017 in the state. Although they got some jolt when party leaders like Swami Prasad Maurya left the party and joined hands with BJP.

Throughout the scene, Mayawati maintained silence as some big plans were underway inside the party. With the assessment, that BJP would try to polarize Hindu majority votes, other parties would be left out with Dalits and Muslims, which are said to be the game changers in UP politics.

After showing the trailer of her strength, when expelled BJP leader Dayashankar Singh used foul words against her, Mayawati was now in recharged with energy and announced to hold rallies in different parts of the state. She was not just eyeing on dalit votebank, but this time she is working for Muslim votes too. It is the same Muslim vote bank which brought SP in power with full majority. In her rallies, the presence of party workers and supporters was remarkable. More than 20 trains were hired to bring the supports to Lucknow. The locals assessed the number of people attended the rally was more than four lakhs.

Mayawati had made a statement in a recent rally that she would not be opting for alliance with BJP even after the elections. With this statement, she has tried to convince the Muslim and Dalit voters that she will emerge as Messiah for them against the atrocities done on both communities by the outfits attached to BJP ideology.

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