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Romeos and Juliets of UP now have a refuge, all thanks to Aam Aadmi Party

Romeos and Juliets of Uttar Pradesh have an option for their refugee, all thanks to Aam Aadmi Party. People are accusing BJP government of “moral policing” in the name of anti-Romeo drive.

Just when the lovers started feeling unsafe under the newly elected BJP government in UP, AAP has invited them to Delhi and feel safe without any disturbance from the Mogambo.

AAP minister Kapil Mishra said during the MAIL TODAY Culture Conclave on Saturday.

Mishra’s statements came against the backdrop of the UP government’s controversial anti-Romeo drive, described as a crackdown on people harassing women in public places.

“Every year when the tourism calendar of the government of India is sent to all countries, there are two places which are always mentioned- Taj Mahal and Khajuraho. One symbolises divine love and the other material love,” Mishra said.

“We are a flexible society. People who invaded and made an attempt to destroy our culture eventually blended in,” Mishra added.

The decision of anti-Romeo drive is not being liked by people and have showed their criticism against the actions of the UP governments on social media.

“After taking over as tourism and culture minister, I got to know that a concert of (Pakistani singer) Ghulam Ali sahab had been cancelled in Mumbai. The first thing I did was to call him and invite him to Delhi for a concert,” Mishra recalled.

“Ghulam Ali is one of those artists whose music is immensely popular among Indian soldiers. His music is without boundaries. Our culture is flexible and convergent.”

“India with such diverse culture is a culture of resistance and we should celebrate it,” Mishra further added.

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