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RPF constables harass burglary and sexual assault victim

A shocking incident has come to light in Bangalore, where RPF constables refused to register a complaint, and instead abused the victim and said that he deserved it.

Richa, sister of the victim, tweeted an image which had the whole incident written on it. Richa’s brother was returning from Mysore by train on 23rd September in Kaveri Express. He was standing at the door and was waiting for the station to arrive. Suddenly two guys snatched his phone from outside. As he got down to get his phone back those goons robbed all his money and clothes, and brutally assaulted him sexually and left him.

After a while when he gained consciousness, he went to the police station to file a complaint against them. But to his shock, the constables abused him instead of writing the complaint, threatened him with violence and said that he deserved it.

When Richa’s brother informed this incident to her, she went to the police station at midnight with her 8 months old baby. The constables didn’t spare Richa as well, and shouted at her despite her giving them the medical reports confirming sexual harassment, yet they refused to register the case.

Despite all this, the Minister of Railways Mr. Suresh Prabhu didn’t even respond to the tweet which he does in certain cases. There was a reply by the Ministry of Railways, but no action has been taken as yet against those constables.

Is there something fishy when crimes occur and the police refuses to register the complaint? The goons roam about in the railway stations as if they aren’t scared of the law.