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RSS workers above Police in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh?

This is what will happen to anyone who raises voice against RSS activist. Eight police officials have been falsely charged with attempt to murder, rioting, criminal intimidation and robbery police for allegedly beating Yadav at the RSS office and in custody.

The 37-year-old Town Inspector Zia-ul-Haque, who has been on the run since the arrest of zila pracharak Suresh Yadav from the RSS office in Baihar town of Balaghat district on September 25 told Indian Express, “I think their ego was hurt. But now they have succeeded in setting an example so that police officials won’t dare touch them again.”

Haque, since suspended, was in-charge of the Baihar police station. Accused of beating Yadav at the RSS office and in custody, he and seven other police officials have been charged with attempt to murder, rioting, criminal intimidation and robbery.

Being a Muslim, Haque has been facing problems and has been on the target, though there are 90 Hindu staff at the police station.

Haque spoke to The Indian Express from an undisclosed location. He has to be very cautious while dealing with any communal situations. He had once been accused of supporting a Muslim candidate in a local poll.

Local Muslims came to Baihar police station complaining about an anti-Islam whatsapp message by accused Yadav, on September 24 and 25. Haque spoke to the superintendent of police before heading towards the RSS office.

“Additional SP Rajesh Sharma led the team. The claim that police were accompanied by Muslim complainants was a lie,” Haque informed.

Haque rubbeshed all the allegations against himself and said, “The police team booked Yadav only after confiscating his mobile from which the WhatsApp message was sent.”

“Yadav’s first medical report did not speak of any serious injury at all,” he said.

The night when he had arrested Yadav, he quietly spent the night in a room above the police station as hundred of people had surrounded the police station. All were Hindu activists who were slogan-shouting after Yadav’s arrest. They demanded that he be handed over to them, Haque said, called him names and said he should be sent to Pakistan.

Haque is saddened that thier seniors left them deserted in such situation. Haque, joined the police force in 2007. “The police department did not stand by us while ministers called on Yadav… I don’t have faith in the Special Investigating Team (which is probing the incident) or the police force,” Haque added.

The accused RSS leader, who is admitted in Jabalpur Hospital since the alleged beating, has been visited by three ministers, including Home Minister Bhupendra Singh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who was abroad when the incident happened, praised RSS pracharaks following the episode, calling them epitome of sacrifice.

Even after the row broke out, Haque said, he thought the worst that would happen was he would get suspended. “I never thought I would have to go through something like this.”

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