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RTI: 250 dead, 283 injured in train accidents in NER in 08 years

As per the RTI information provided by North Eastern Railways (NER), Gorakhpur to activist Dr Nutan Thakur, in the 08 years period between 2009-10 to 2017-18, 68 cases of train accidents took place in the NER in which Enquiry committees were formed. Among these cases, enquiry has been completed in 64 cases while in 04 cases, enquiry reports are still awaited.

The total number of deaths in these accidents was 250 while 283 persons got injured. The biggest casualty took place when Chapra-Mathura Express rammed into a Swaraj Mazda bus at an unmanned crossing in Etah in Uttar Pradesh on 07 July 2011 when 39 people were killed and 36 injured. No railway employee was found guilty for this accident. 29 people were killed and 71 injured when the Gorakhdham Express rammed into a goods train at Chureb station between Basti and Gorakhpur on 26 May 2014. 02 junior officers were compulsorily retired after the enquiry.

Of these 64 cases, in 44 cases (around 68%) no railway staff has been found responsible for the train accident. In other cases, along with other minor penalties, 07 railway staff was dismissed from service while 04 were given compulsory retirement.

Among the various reasons, negligent driving by vehicles was found the reason of train accident in 43 cases. This included 02 cases of negligent driving of bus and truck while in 15 cases car drivers were found responsible for the accident and in 13 cases, tractor drivers were found responsible.

Among others, pumping set left on track and bull fighting was found to be the reason of train accident while in one case rail fracture was found the reason.