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SC lifts ban on sale of diesel vehicles in NCR

The Supreme Court of India lifts ban on sale of diesel vehicles of 2000cc and above in NCR. Earlier the SC had put a ban on sale of diesel vehicles in NCR because of drastic increase in pollution.

This judgment came after luxury car maker Mercedes Benz appealed in the apex court to uplift the ban on the sale of diesel vehicles. The apex court uplifted the ban on a condition that they have to pay an extra 1% on ex-showroom prices as an environment levy during the registration of the vehicle.

Apex court also said that it will look forward to the sales of smaller diesel vehicles as the current order is only for vehicles having an engine of 2000cc or more. The order was welcomed by the automobile industry including Pravin Shah (CEO of Mahindra & Mahindra Motor).

The Transport Authority would register a big diesel car only if the receipt of payment of 1% tax is shown. The court is yet to decide about such a charge on vehicles lesser than 2000cc, and if the current cess will be increased.