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Security arrangement is responsibility of the state, not ours: SC

On Friday, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition seeking a ban on film Padmavat, while rejecting the petition, Chief Justice Deepak Mishra heard the arguments of the state governments on Thursday and rejected their protest against the film.

The Supreme Court said that it is the responsibility of the state government to give security to the people. Earlier, petitioner lawyer ML Sharma said in the Supreme Court that after the release of Padmavat, if the law and order worsens across the country and circumstances like riots arise. The film will be held responsible.

The CJI said that, we are working as a constitutional court and it is the duty of the state to provide security. He said that in this case, he has given the detailed order on Thursday and once the censor board has approved the film it can not be stopped.

It may be noted that the decision to clear the release of Padmavat by the censor board was challenged in the Supreme Court. This PIL was filed by ML Sharma.

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