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Sedition complaint filed against Parrikar, Rao

Aam Aadmi Party filed a “sedition” complaint against Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar and BJP spokesperson, GVL Narasimha Rao, for their insulting comments on the armed forces.

AAP’s Dilip Pandey wrote a letter to the IP Estate Police Station on Friday and alleged that the accused’s comments are not only contemptuous, but a deliberate attempt to bring disaffection towards the armed forces.

Pandey referred to a statement made by Parrikar at an event in Dehradun on October 1 in which he compared surgical strike with an incident in Hindu mythology story of Ramayana.

“Indian troops were like Hanuman who did not quite know their prowess before the surgical strikes,” Parrikar had said.

Parrikar was referring to the incident in which Hanuman reached SriLanka from India by crossing an ocean in a single stride after he was reminded of his extraordinary powers by Jamwant. He later burns the Lanka with his tails.

AAP also pulls in Rao for casting similar comments at the Army. As per the party, Rao had claimed that for the first time the army has been made aware of its capability and by saying this, he was demeaning the military and its sacrifice.