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Share, Don’t Mind Your Own Business

Last I checked the world was celebrating an act of speaking up, rare occurrence if you go by my miniscule experience. Meryl streep, the iron lady of Hollywood said something the world badly needed to hear and what aroused many a sleeping souls who had decided to bury their compassion deep down and those who still had it flowing.

However, my concern at least in this piece is not on the prowess of her speech and how it was important to be put out there for all of us to witness with a pricking awe, but some little fact that got my attention out of the event. The fact that one basis of defending (of course, among many others) was to remind her of her profession of an actress, and somehow by default, being an actress was a valid enough point to be put out there to criticize her humanitarian and political views.

If you are an actress you have, but just one job, to act. You can and should only to be doing what comes under the tight circle of your professional duties and leave politics to politicians. Now, I would like very much to go into the feminist (yes! The F word indeed)  reading of this very attack but right now I would rather not, instead I would try bringing to popular notice, the culture of divisional views. Being a student, doctor, actor or writer if you cannot have a voice and power to speak for what is wrong then we are moving way away from any kind of clean or reformatory politics and more into a kind of politics based in monetary gains. Only when people from all walks of life can and do think of politics everyday, it is discussed in living rooms,  college retreats and workplaces, will we see a more reform based idea of radical change.

When anybody who is connected to the problems or those suffering, anybody who can see through and have a view on what they see as incorrect, can only the world begin to correct because honestly, if its politics it affects us all and If it affects us all it needs to hear us all. So, maybe for once we can stop minding our own business and get involved in the bigger ones catering to us all.


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