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Shashi Tharoor calls for Electoral Reforms

In wake of events unfolding in the Indian state of Bihar, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor took to Twitter and suggested that India takes a re-look at its parliamentary style of democracy.

Writing in a Twitter post which was shared widely Tharoor questioned the democratic nature of elections saying: “This is now the third time that BJP has formed a state government after losing an election. Goa, Manipur and Bihar show our democracy in a poor light.”

Highlighting the inefficiencies of Indian Political System which according to him is inherited from British, Tharoor says, “Our system allows the legislature to form executive, making it easy for parties to betray the wishes of the voters. BJP was rejected in the election!”

In Manipur assembly elections, Congress had become the single largest party with 28 seats while BJP trailed with 21 and again in Goa, Congress emerged as the largest party with 17 seats while BJP won 13 seats. But still BJP formed the government with the support of regional parties and independent MLAs leaving the Congress beleaguered.

Tharoor re-iterated his support for the Presidential form of a government saying: “I’ve been arguing for a presidential system of directly-elected leaders at all levels. That way the winner rules.”

Taking a jibe at Nitish Kumar who left the Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) in which he was allied with Lalu Yadav’s RJD he said “This way, chatur pols rule’

Tharoor also questioned the intention of Nitish Kumar who resigned saying ‘My conscience told me to quit’ saying “If after campaigning against the BJP you want to join the BJP, the spirit of democracy requires that you resign and seek a fresh mandate. This is amoral politics.”

This decision of Nitish Kumar to go against people’s mandate has been criticized widely and is against the spirit of democracy.

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