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Some nations hide behind technicalities to avoid acting against terror: Ansari

Vice President Hamid Ansari on Saturday said that some countries come up with legal technicalities as an excuse to try to avoid committing themselves in the fight against terror.

He was speaking to reporters onboard the aircraft while returning to India after a five-day state visit to Armenia and Poland.

Responding to a question on adopting the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT), the Vice President noted that every country is facing the problem of terrorism in a lesser or greater degree and understands the problem.

Referring to his time as the Permanent Representative of India to United Nations in New York in 1994, when India’s proposal on CCIT was stuck due to differences in perception on defining a terrorist, he said that while reaching an international agreement, all kinds of legal problems come up and those who do not want it to make progress, come up with legal technicalities.

It is an excuse on part of some countries to try to avoid committing themselves, he added.

To a question on image of India in foreign countries, the Vice President said that India’s image outside, or image within the country is on different planes and multiple images are a fact of life.

He said that Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is sending Mars mission, launching satellites of other countries and Indian IT professionals are present all over the world, but along with it, there is poverty and inequality.

“But despite all this, it is also the fact that we have been able, for seven decades, to run a democratic system on a monumental scale,” he added.

About his trip, the Vice President said that both Armenia and Poland are friendly countries.

He said with Poland, “the biggest economy of Central Europe, India focused on three areas of interest — clean coal mining technology, agricultural products and techniques and defence cooperation”.

The Vice President said that he has suggested to the Polish leadership that the country join the Make in India Programme and instead of being a seller only, they could become an India-based seller, which would give them a much additional advantages.

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